31 May 2023

Fossil x P1X3l

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For Fossil, WATT produced visually stunning photo and video content to promote their Spring and Valentine’s Day collections in their event, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to celebrating love and memorable moments. The campaign showcased a range of Fossil products, including classic crossbody bags, watch rings, and colorful, stainless steel watches, highlighting the practicality and elegance of their designs. The final production showcased the brand’s beauty and captured the essence of its products, creating a compelling visual narrative for Fossil’s customers.

12 May 2023

Bossini.X x Lollytalk

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WATT coordinated and provided Production service to the bossini. X Pop-Up Store at the K11 Art Mall featured a limited-time collaboration with LollyTalk. The pop-up store offered one-of-a-kind street-style outfits designed to break away from the monotony and enhance individuality. Our team also coordinated with Media to bring attention to the store and encourage visitors to make a statement with unique fashion choices.

25 July 2023


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We worked with MAC Cosmetics HK to capture the beauty and radiance of their Lightful C3 formula. This collection enhances the complexion and provides an instant luminous glow. With expertly formulated products, such as the rosy glow and flawless skin, our photography showcases the beauty and readiness for spring that MAC Cosmetics HK has prepared for its customers.

31 May 2023


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For XOVĒ, WATT created a visually captivating photo campaign promoting their Wtru Complex 白松露活肌精萃. This skincare product utilizes the anti-aging power of white truffles to support skin regeneration and tightness. The campaign showcased the Prestige #活肌修護套裝, which includes an entire line of Wtru Complex products for comprehensive skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits.

25 July 2023


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WATT collaborated with Otterbox to capture the versatility and durability of their cases and gear. Designed to protect your everyday device from water, drops, and dirt, Otterbox offers stylish options that seamlessly blend functionality and style. Whether you’re into watersports or extreme sports, their products ensure your phone is protected during your summer adventures, allowing you to stay connected.

31 May 2023

Narciso Rodriguez Parfums

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WATT collaborated with Gigi Cheung and Jessica to showcase the captivating fragrances of Narciso Rodriguez Parfums. The for her Eau de parfum envelops you in a velvety, fruity scent with notes of peach and lily of the valley, embracing your uniqueness. The PURE MUSC fragrance, designed for layering, enhances the tenderness of musk and peach, creating a captivating and sweet aromatic experience.

24 July 2023

Clé de Peau Beauté

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We collaborated with Clé de Peau Beauté to highlight their exquisite Radiant Sky Collection with many well-known celebrities. This collection, featuring the stunning Monoceros design by Parisian jeweler Mr. Elie Top, symbolizes the radiance and vibrancy of life. The indulgently rich Le Sérum awakens Skin Intelligence, leaving the skin luminous and radiant, while the Lipstick and Eye Color Quad perfectly complement moisturized skin. This collection offers a complete skincare-to-makeup experience, delivering a deeply moisturized and youthful look.

25 July 2023


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WATT partnered with Sue Chang, Grace Chan, and Jeannie Chan to showcase the exceptional effectiveness of Dermacept C25. The campaign showcases their potent anti-aging serum formulated with a 25% concentration of vitamin C that deeply penetrates the skin layers, providing intense moisturization, brightening the complexion, and visibly reducing wrinkles caused by aging. Within a few weeks of use, users experienced a noticeable improvement in skin firmness, elasticity, and a restored smoothness, leaving their skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

IPSA x Ivy So

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We worked with Ivy So@Collar and IPSA to showcase the transformative power of their Time Reset Aqua W skin hydration booster. Through our video production, the audience was introduced to the all-in-one moisturizing effect of the product, enriched with natural peony and marjoram extracts for skin rejuvenation and brightness. Pairing the Time Reset Aqua W with ME Metabolizer was emphasized as the ultimate skincare regimen for skin oxygenation and rehydration, allowing customers to achieve a radiant glow like Ivy So.

24 July 2023


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WATT collaborated with IPSA HK to showcase their top skincare products with several influencers in the Beauty industry. The campaign showcased the advanced SERUM 0 E, which deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin while also tightening facial contours, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. With its personalized recipes, the Me Ultimate E beauty fluid increases skin resilience and brings out a translucent glow. IPSA Time Reset Aqua W Serum profoundly rehydrates the skin, creating a soft and even texture. At the same time, the Protector Multi Shield sunscreen serum provides maximum protection against UV rays and blue light radiation. IPSA Liquid Foundation E, paired with The Time Reset Aqua W moisturizer and Loose Powder, offers poreless, long-lasting makeup with hydrating benefits.

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